Services & Products


All installations are done under our personal supervision.

We supply all necessary materials for the installation process.

The installation of the tiles requires a solid, level surface.

 In the case where the surface is unsuitable, we can make it suitable at an additional fee.

We are in proud partnership with Lock Floors ( and some of the products that we can supply are:

Hidden Lock Floors

Interlocking black or grey medallion is our most popular interlocking floor tile.
These mats come with the added elegance of a discreet, non-visible lock which gives your floor a sleek and seamless look.

5mm x 500mm x 500mm and weighs 5.1kg per/m2
6mm x 500mm x 500mm and weighs 7.6kg per/m2


Visible Lock Floors

Offered in the same variety of colors as our Hidden Lock Floors.
The plain colors gives this mat a durable look and feel while being easy to clean.

5mm x 500mm x 500mm and weighs 5.2kg per/m2
6mm x 500mm x 500mm and weighs 6.3kg per/m2


Leather Lock Floors

Give your floors the rich and textured look of leather with the versatility and durability of our interlocking floor tiles.

5mm x 500mm x 500mm weighs 6.3kg per/m2
6mm x 500mm x 500mm weighs 7.3kg per/m2



Duct Board, interlocking floor tiles with holes, was developed to provide a non-slip mat that could be used in the bath, shower, next to the pool or in any area were potential slippery walkways, or even on the back of LDV’s or trucks.

250mm x 250mm x 15mm weighs 8.0kg per/m2



A Tile For The Customer Who Wants More… 20% More To Be Exact!

The Tough Lock Range has been designed for the customer who want more… More PVC, more weight, thus more Tile. When you compare our Standard Tiles and the Tough Lock Tiles you will not see any difference until you turn the tile around. The Tough Lock Range has less cavity lines and shallow cavities making it 20% heavier. This gives the tile a heavier and more durable feel. It can be used for any application as per our standard tile but will help where the surface is a bit uneven.

Tough Lock Leather 5mm
Tough Lock 5mm

Interlocking PVC Edging

We supply edging for that neat finish.
Many of our clients cut off the interlock with a steel ruler and Stanley Knife to give the tile a neat finish. But for those who want to buy a neat finish, we have edging.
Edging is only applicable for the Visible Lock tiles.
The edge is sold per/m. There are two strips in a lineal meter. Edging is sold in black and grey.

The edges are 500mm x 80mm x 5mm (x2= 1m)



An effective cleaning and polishing product for our interlocking floor tiles.

We can supply the tiles in any color but Terms and Conditions apply. Please ask the representative for more information

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